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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Half Maniac, Half Eighty-Year-Old Woman.

If my driving in the new car is any indication, I'm entering my twilight years. I think I finally started to relax the last five minutes of my drive home tonight. It's not that the Murano is THAT much bigger than the Civic? It's the combination of about ten things: I feel like a rock star in it (an 80-year-old rock star), I think everyone should be looking at my car because it IS so pretty, I can't tell where the front of my car actually ends, I am still getting the rythym of the acceleration and braking, the car does not even require I put a key INTO it, which is very discombobulating, and sometimes I think the car could be smarter than me.
Nah. I will never yield to the machines!

But I have been a gingerly-ginger driver & I look forward to getting more comfortable in it. It's beautiful. I promise, I'll get some pictures, but I've had deadlines, people.

Which brings us to Manic. Hm. Yes, tonight had something of "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" quality to it, as I realized it was going to rain. So I told the Wo I was going to pull the dog crates that had been in my dad's truck into the garage. And I went into the garage and started to clear room. Once that was started, it only made sense to make enough room for the new car, too. Shesus. JWo thought I was upstairs crafting and he finally came looking for me & discovered me, filthy & sweaty, going a million miles an hour. So we got everything in the garage, after dinner I did some decluttering & cleaning, and then I finished the umpteen yards of pompom trim sewing, did the iron-ons, filled up bags with goodies, and multi-tasked like crazy.
And now I'm as tired as a 92-year old woman and I best be off to bed. I promise, pictures of crafting & the car are coming. We leave bright & early Friday morning to head to the Quad Cities & I've still got to pack. And maybe find some music. And swing by the dealership to drop off one last piece of paperwork. And who knows what else I need to do. I need to squeeze some Wo snuggling in there, too.

Sounds like I need a list! I love lists. And sleeping! And taking my teeth out & putting them in my dog's mouth!
HAHAHA just kidding. Kinda.
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