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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

See Ya In The Funny Papers.....

Don't worry. Even though the parallel to my own mother is right there, I laughed. With maybe a wee bit o' the wince, but I still choose laughter. And it's Wednesday! Halfway there. And, I'm feeling loads more comfortable behind the wheel of the new car. Now I'm focusing on not making the mistake I made four years ago in LaFonda right after I got 'er: Speeding Ticket. It's very easy to catch myself going fast because the ride's so smooth, and being up higher & in a bigger vehicle disguises your speed a lot more. I'm sure that'll be a great explanation to the muthafuckin' motorcycle cop. I can only hope for the Hot Cop of Prairie Village. (He drives a cop car. And he's smokin'. Hmmm. Maybe I DO need to speed through there.... heh.....)
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