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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Short Week But The Saddle Still Makes Me Sore.

So, yes. I'm back at work & muttering & puttering and taking care of things & extremely grateful I took the time last Thursday to CLEAN my desk off. Because that could have proved to be the tipping point, you know? So far it's a rather herky-jerky hodge-podge kind of day, like I arrived too late at the ranch and they gave me Hooter, the Angry Mare, and Hooter is going to decide completely the pace at which we ride.

Meetings that were supposed to happen haven't - and nobody bothered to tell me. So I get to do the aimless wandering-around with a blank look and eyebrows-raised face until I find someone to tell me what is going on. Other meetings are not starting on time and I have to ask to be told (aka, "GRAB ME please!") when they will start, otherwise they will just start without me. These sorts of Business Nuances (BN)(tm) are the stuff that make my head sit lower on my neck, like a linebacker preparing to dig in and do some damage.

Or, perhaps, someone about to be thrown from Hooter. The countdown to Friday begins....
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