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Friday, October 06, 2006

Multi-Purpose Posting

I have about six things in my head - half of which are angry & irritable, so don't you want to come sit next to ME for a spell, especially if I have a knife handy? Mmm-hm, I didn't think so. So rather than go too deeply into those things, it's been a rough week, let me give you a couple quick updates with the added benefit of PEECTURES. Doesn't everyone love photos?

The new car:



I especially liked the first one because it's almost stealthy, the way it's reflecting the greenery around it. Like "Predator". Only no dreads, and no icky face. I'm still bantering names around in my head - Shanny, "Alyssa" was funny, if only I liked the actress, it would be perfect. I've considered "Mia", "Minnie", "Machuko" and "Bertha the Blue Murano", in honor of my Great-Aunt Bert. She was -let's be kind - a rugged-looking woman, as manly as her name, but she wore dresses & hats and my father's memory of her was mostly her fur coat that he would press his face into & smell her perfume & feel the softness of the fur on his skin. So it might have to be Bertha/Bertie, even though that name has no jive with "Murano".

Then - and Lizzie-Lou, are you still reading me? I call these pictures, "Here, Lizard, Lizard, Lizard...."



These are squares that will eventually be sewn together to create Lizard Ridge, a wonderful Noro afghan from the latest Knitty. You can see there's a choice - do all one color, or mix it up. Well, go figure, I am using 21 different skeins.... because I CAN! And I love the process, and the finished result will be crazy gorgeous. I need to go join one (or both!) of the knit-alongs that's happening so I can see how other knitters are doing.

This weekend's already going to fly by - tonight we're going to Cyndi Lauper (tickets exchanged from the Depeche Mode debacle), and Sunday is Ren Fest, which is geeky, but I do love the setting & the food & holding hands in the sunshine with my sweetie, which just the thought of is enough to push some of my sadness & anger to the side. Bless the Wo for his True Colors, which are as vivid as Noro knitting, and for loving me so....
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