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Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Great Show

Well, if you like Cyndi Lauper & ever have the chance to see her perform, jump at it. She put on one hell of a show last night, and the night would have been PERFECT had we not had the rudest girl in the world in front of us. Not so confidential to the bitch in seat J-18: YOU SUCK. There's a reason you had an awesome view of the show - everyone else was SITTING DOWN. Oh, and nobody really wanted to crane their head around your stupid-ass interpretive dancing. (and folks, two security people asked her repeatedly to be respectful & she refused.) All I can say is, Karma is a Bitch. Because this particularly rude girl apparently lost something in her dancing & running around to other seats - and I hope it was really, really important and she didn't find it. She disappeared towards the end of the show, and perhaps she was trampled. Sigh. A girl can dream.

But enough about her, she was just the gnat in the air on a gorgeous summer's evening. That Cyndi can SING, and she did some crazy improv jamming in her encore, proving herself to be far more a musician than the entertainer she always has been. And, despite the rudeness situation, the Uptown theater continues to be my favorite place to see shows. We had some really fun, crazy drunk ladies behind us who were ready to do a takedown in the bathroom on this girl, so let's just hope they got home and didn't spend last night in jail. Now the Wo & I are up really early & he's got an ambitious day planned with all sorts of outdoorsey work. Me? I'm gonna restore a little order, do some laundry, and then attack the DVR, before it starts deleting shows on me. I have a lot of tv-catch-up to do, and that means KNITTING. And possibly Thai food. Mmmm, I love weekends! Enjoy yours!
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