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Monday, October 09, 2006

Grouch Potato

Well, I'm struggling to stay in a decent mood - it really is counterproductive to be such a control freak, and I can intellectually recognize how the behavior doesn't help - but change, oh my, it is so hard.

Last Friday, either the burglars tried to pay off their electric bill using our old checking account - OR - the electric company made an enormous error, but regardless, it's still a problem, because the bank didn't properly close the old account & they think we're in the hole for over $1,600. It's extra joyous that today's a stupid holiday and everyone's closed, so there are no answers to be gleaned. I know I will get it straightened out, and we will be fine, but it doesn't stop my stomach from doing the flippada and churning up some extra acid. I hate that I've always been like this, too. Such a worrywart.

The other part of it is, if it was burglary-related, it means I have to pick up my battle axe and go head-to-head with the (very unresponsive) police department again, because hello - they weren't trying to pay for electricity to their moving mobile home, they had to have tried to put it towards an account number, so this would be a pretty good lead. You just have to wonder who has an electric bill of $1,607, and you also have to wonder how fucking stupid someone has to be to think a) I'm not going to notice a debited amount that size or b) someone won't come knocking on your door with the LIGHTS on inside because you paid for the LIGHTS with someone else's money.

I once asked my aunt why she thought I was so worry-centric, and she said that maybe long ago, my ancestors stopped to worry if there was a saber-toothed tiger behind that rock, as part of their self-preservation. Apparently for one of my ancestors, there was a very large tiger, and possibly some wolverine-esque animals that went for her ankles. Thanks, She-Rah. It's just the DNA gift that keeps on giving.

So, let's talk about tv instead. (Distract! Shiny things! Jingle, jingle!) Here's my take on (some of) what I'm watching, sound-byte style. Prison Break's on hiatus. People, I don't care about baseball anymore, and this is a huge inconvenience. Vanished - I hope I remember all the intricacies and conspiracies in three weeks. CSI My Jammies: I can do without the hi-def closeups on David Caruso's face. EEK! What is up with Smith getting yanked? CBS! Please! ACK! Lost - could that get any weirder? I suppose green men could fall from the sky. Desperate Housewives is getting tedious. Let's ramp it up. Survivor: better pick up the pace - last week was boring, but at least the castaway was something of a surprise. I hate that Parvo chick. (Yes I know it's not her name exactly, but I dislike her, so she shall be known to me as the dog disease.) Grey's Anatomy - such a soap. Is it wrong I don't want Meredith to have either guy? CSI - we're hosed because last week's episode stopped recording, ten minutes before the show ended. YouTube, I need your help! Law & Order (pick any of 'em) - you're my old comfy shoes, my friend. Don't ever change. However, I'm not used to the new faces yet. So give me some time.

Sigh. All the cancellations & haituses - well, I guess this means we can get caught up on The Wire! Gotta love the ol' iControl. I'll just sit down with the remote - and a bottle of Mylanta. And hope the power doesn't go out.....
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