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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Binocular Anus"

Sometimes the spam subject lines just have to make you laugh. I can't imagine what random word-generator paired those two things together, and honestly, if your ass can admit a pair of binoculars, then you, my friend, might have what we call a "problem". But the Mexican drug cartel sure would be happy to know ya!

I got the bank account OFFICIALLY closed this morning, the overdraft charges reversed & we don't owe anybody money; I'm still going to have to follow up with the electric company to determine if the charge was made to an account (and then subsequently follow-up with the po-po) or if it was just a stupid (large) error on their part. I'm honestly hoping for the latter, though the terrier inside me kind of perked up its ears at the idea we could have another lead on the burglary case.

And, the weather continues to cool down, for which I'm grateful & it helps my mood. The leaves are turning - I plan to get some pictures one of these mornings, or even over the lunch hour, because the Ward Parkway commute is just lovely with all the trees beginning to change their hues. On the knitting front, I've churned out 4 more Lizard Ridge blocks, and my hands are starting to squeak a little at me. I'm also getting geared up to knit myself a sweater - not sure which one I want to make, probably a Harry Potter sweater with a big "J" on the front...(bought the yarn last year!). I think I'm officially nesting in for Winter!

Oh, and we named the car - Mimi. Mimi Murano. And her new dashboard gets replaced tomorrow, and order will be restored to the universe. Apparently I think I'm in some sort of Murano club, as I wave at other people driving them, because I believe they, too, must be as excited as I to be in one. I don't get out much.
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