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Monday, October 16, 2006

Mondays Are For Bitching

Well! This morning, I had a huge list of things to blog about, bitch about and in general just match my mood to the weather today (gloomy, humid, mist-raining, send-you-back-to-bed kinda weather). However. I'm just not that much of a hatah. I'm actually in a pretty good mood, though that might have everything to do with the Philly sushi rolls I just ate. Mmmmm. There's precious little our friend cream cheese can't fix. Or our friends bacon and butter.

But I digress. On Saturday, I was a Baby Hatah, according to my husband. I woke up, hair sticking out from every angle towards every point in the sky, and plodded into the living room, where he had the news on. Moments later, the big story about the family who had quintuplets came on, and apparently was the missing flint for my match to set my hair on fire.

Now, I don't care if you use AI or any other great scientific discovery to help yourself have a baby. But I do think five kids is pushing it. They will be in the hospital for who-knows how long, how on earth you pay for the diapers and food and clothes and Oh, my god, I'm doing it again. I judge! I do! Ack! I'm just set to the "rant" gear today! I already ranted this morning with co-workers. OK! Let's talk about hair-pulling and the NFL. LOL!

And, we were/are a household that has mice. The change in temperature sent them seeking warmer climes, and they picked our house for the first time since we've been there. I think (and am fervently hoping) that we got 'em all, but it made me wish our dogs were better mousers, that's for sure. James is going hunting this weekend, and I don't know what I'll do if we catch any more in his absence. Nothing like getting in touch with your inner killer with a mouse and a 2x2, I suppose. Eeesh.

Let's see. Heaven forbid I run out of things to complain about......

Actually, I think that might be about it. OH no, never mind. The police, who are doing nothing (or at least not updating me) - because indeed, someone tried to pay their electric bill with our checking information (and who has a $1600 electric bill, I ask you? Probably people with quintuplets! Or hair-pullers! Or people with a mouse problem!) And Prison Break still isn't on. Fucking baseball. They need to pull some hair, boost the ratings.

OK, I'm going to go grumble about something else, away from the keyboard for a while. Don't worry. I'll be back.
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