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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So, Yes, You Are Familiar, No?

And by that I mean, Familiar With The Craziness That Can Be ME. For right now, I think I shall dash out of my office, into the street, and begin pounding on the motherfucking cherry picker that is in front of our building doing the "working" and more importantly, making the non-stop beeping sound that is inciting the MADNESS. Oh My God. Every time the fucking thing moves, it beeps. And it's that "Hi I am a truck backing up over you NOW" beeping sound, however, I do not understand the point with the beeping feature on a no-good fucking cherry picker. Perhaps it is so if you are walking under it (which I did), you look up and make sure it is not coming down directly on your head, despite that being more the responsibility of the dude IN the cherry picker.

And it's not like you can MISS the fucking thing, all parked up on the sidewalk and surrounded by cones and then a big tarp and yellow tape and shit all over the place, but god DAMN you sure can HEAR it, even inside, through the walls, as it BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPS along through the afternoon.

It makes me miss the drilling. And explosions. I'm ready to go home.
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