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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Me & You & a 2x2

Ack. It's been A Morning already. Suzy's barking woke me up, and I let her outside; I didn't go with her, because it's freakin' cold and raining. As I'm standing by the back door, I hear, "SQUEAK! SQUEEAK!" coming from the breezeway..... the preferred Mouse Habitat, apparently. Oh lordy. And that's what she was barking at, I believe. I thought I heard scuffling last night, but there was nothing in the glue traps. Things change overnight.

I won't go into great detail, however, you can imagine that I was wishing mightily that the JWo was home! I wrestled in my head through all my options, but in the end, I needed to quickly and humanely dispatch said mouse, and honestly, I just don't have a future in vermin control. Let's just say I was also wishing I had threaded my robe tie at this point. But no, it was still in the laundry basket and I was relying on arm pressure to keep it shut. Half-naked mouse bashing on the front step is probably someone's idea of a sexy good time, and yes, I'm trying to bring sexy back, but for me, this does not work.

I'm going shopping. It's the only good antidote I can think of right now to turn this day around!
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