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Monday, November 06, 2006


I've got me the Monday Blahs. I started to write a post about the stench left behind by our resident homeless person in our work garage stairwell, and I sounded like a cake-eating Republican beyotch. On the eve of the election, I'm not cruel enough to give my husband that kind of hope. Heh. ;)

I had a ramshackle, busy weekend. I shopped with my friend Roger for 7.5 hours on Saturday. Yes, that's a whole billable day of work! I was correct in thinking, Crate & Barrel can't be THAT bad - there can't possibly be 1,200 people there! (like there were that Wednesday night from hell.) There were maybe 400. And waiting in line wasn't so bad. I didn't get much, Roger did. We had to put the seats down! :) Then we went to Pottery Barn, he ran in to Williams Sonoma, we ate lunch, and then trucked around NE Furniture Mart (the devil's playground). Grabbed a cone at Sheridan's - and then went to Super Target. I get tired just remembering it all. But I did finally find the buffet/hutch I've been seeking for so long. And it was on sale. But they have to special order it, so who knows when it will actually get here. However, like a wise person, I learned from the couch incident & paid for delivery. Delivery=Good. I believe my hubby will agree. :)

Went to brunch on Sunday & then watched the Chiefs reclaim the Governor's cup - woohoo! I also got Lizard Ridge completely put together! I'm working on the crochet border, and will get pics up soon. It's absolutely stunning. I nearly fell over. I'm sure once the border's done, I'll be on the floor. Or else it's just all this racing around project-stuff catching up with me! I have to host our book club tomorrow night, so tonight's crazy for cleaning (and that is SO not how I spend Monday nights), and I'm going to Iowa this weekend - so I don't know when exactly things are going to let up. Given the proximity to the holidays, I expect around January. Oh well, I'll be knitting my way through it all. Next on the needles: another Vintage Velvet scarf in deep mallard blue Touch Me, and then a sweater or two. I have so many projects just begging to move up the priority list.... there's another thing I need to do, finish organizing all my yarn. OK. I'm just going to lie down on the floor right now. Overwhelmedness, thou art my new friend!
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