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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Election Day!

Our big boss left for Arizona & will be gone through the end of the year, so I asked MY boss if we could party today. No go.

We hit the elections at 6:30 a.m., and still had to wait in line. Apparently people with last names beginning with "A-I" don't get up early. We waited in the "Everybody Else" line, and I got handed a ballot with the stern instruction to make sure the circles are completely filled in or they won't count. WTF? Are we still voting in the way I used to take the Iowa Basic Skills tests? Jesus. Soooo, I turn around and see the one electronic voting machine open, and ask to use that. This discombobulates the lady manning the voting bin, and they had to get another person to run it (they have to insert a card.) Sweet cheeks. I have held up the Everybody Else line process now. What the hell? So I get started & I hear the Wo state that he'll use the machine after me. And THEN! I hear the one discombobulated lady tell him that the electronic machine is primarily for the handicapped and disabled. Greeat. I do a quick scan to make sure I haven't muscled my way past any crippled early-risers to get to the machine. WTF? I mean, yeah, I read the little flyer and noticed that I could put an object in my mouth and use the touch screen that way, but nothing about it said "For the Disabled". And hello - it's a computer-based world, and I'm not going to worry about my coloring skeelz at 6:45 in the mo'nin'. (Bubb Rubb made me say it like that. And I'm not much on political correctedness on my blog. Especially when there's stupidity abound.) I cast my votes, and then got out of the way so the Wo could pretty much cancel me out. (We agree on most of the issues, at least!) I think there should be a standardized voting process from a machine standpoint. Did we learn nothing from Florida?

So, after today, we'll get a respite from all the mudslinging ads, and yard signs. The anti-choice, anti-stem cell, pro-Jim-Talent people on my street put all their yard refuse out in two huge bags - open at the top, and as I drove by on my way to work, I thought, "hm. I could just swerve.... and topple them over.... and they would knock down their yard signs.... hmm...." But I didn't. Freedom of Speech and all, and, let's be honest, the fear of being arrested.

Get out and vote! Completely unrelated, but because I LOVE this picture, here's a neat shot the Wo took of Suzy retrieving a duck this past weekend:

If she could run for office, I bet her platform would be "Moar Fud and Treets 4 Dogz Evvywere". Now, that's a yard sign I could get behind.
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