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Friday, November 10, 2006

Well, That Didn't Work.

We knew the weather could be a factor in this excursion, and my step-mother called me a couple of times with updates - each one making me more concerned. So I called the Wo & had him investigate road conditions, and it turns out the highway that I take for about 2.5 hours was designated as "ice/snow/slush-covered" at only 10:30 a.m. with temps dropping and more precip on the way. So, I got off on the next exit & turned around and came home. Which meant I drove through the blinding rainstorm (and construction zones) twice! I'm pretty tuckered out, and disappointed the weekend didn't go as planned, but there will be another time, and there was no need to risk my safety. Polly had a grand snooze - she is a good traveller, as long as we don't stop. When we stop, she barks at people because she's nervous and not sure what's happening next. And whatever it is, they better think twice about taking her on. Because she is FIERCE. And all the new stuff she got for her first big road trip? Have been re-labeled "burf-day presents", and she's delighting in her new big chewie nylabone, and "Sheep on the Lamb" canvas toy. I'm going to go crawl under Lizard Ridge & get caught up with the DVR!
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