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Monday, November 20, 2006

This is the point at which I succumb and go completely mad......

......there is some renovation/construction shit going on upstairs - recall the glue fumes from last week? Well, those people got yelled at to stop with the chemical potions, so they started pouring buckets of water on the carpet to pull it up, and that resulted in ah, yes, water coming through our ceilings. (The funny quote from that: "Well, we are used to vinyl, mostly. We've never really done this carpet thing before." Rilly? You don't say.) Today, they are scrubbing and sanding and scraping and chiseling at the uncarpeted floors, and it sounds like we are inside a giant, erratic washing machine. Add to that unpleasant environment the fact that I drank part of an Airborne fizzy before it had completely unfizzed itself into liquid and it got stuck in my throat and I thought I was going to be the next urban legend, right next to Mikey and his Pop Rocks. In total, I am ready to GO HOME. I have my headphones on and it means I can't concentrate very well, because I have to have the music so loud to drown out the whump-whump-scrape-scrape-scrape from above. Don't even get me started on the construction outside - it feels like a video game, where the reward for navigating it all is that you get to stay alive.

I have to end this because I have to follow up on something that is three jobs removed from my actual scope of responsibility. I'm sure they will see me coming, what with the black cloud over my head. I gnash my teeth! Hear the clicking and grinding! Except you can't! Because of all the noise!
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