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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Going Insane With The Clicking.....

My dear friend Ashley had her baby yesterday - li'l Mather - and I have been anxiously awaiting his picture to appear on the hospital website. Since it seemed, yesterday, that they were a couple days behind on the birth-to-web-debut ratio, I instead amused myself by looking at other babies, and how if you clicked "next picture" really fast, you got something of a flip-book cartoon. One li'l munchkin did some gigantic arm movements in his photos, which cracked me up, probably due in part to the fact that his name was "Thurston" and he was wearing a hippie tie-dyed onesie.

So this morning, apparently they got up the pictures of another baby born on the same day, and I have not been able to stop hitting "refresh" all day, to get my first glimpse of Mather and yes, I will also click "next picture" fast to make him boogie on-screen. The frustration and OCD behavior has been compounded by the fact our internet is back to its old tricks (must be because it's RAINING. I can't explain it in any other satisfying way.) So pages intermittently load, don't load, freeze, produce error messages, and then work just fine, and for instance, just now? Stopped showing my typing. So I just lost two sentences. Hm. Yes, internet, you are one cruel bitch here at the office.

In other news, the local weathercasters are wetting their pants with this big front rolling through. I swear, half the accidents that happen are probably caused by the fear & near-hysteria created by the talking heads, screeching about Death! Doom! Snow! Ice! Arctic Temps! It's like we never met Winter before, ever, and we have been told it's The Devil in disguise. I must say, I don't necessarily miss the winters of Minneapolis? But the Drama! over the weather getting cold seems to be a few notches up on the great ratchet of excitement in the local weathercasters' world.

However. All of that aside, everyone, including me, has the right to get completely in a lather over Ice. I hate ice. And we sure seem to have a greater propensity for it in this town. Ice IS the Devil. But for now, I'm just going to keep clicking and waiting for Mather to show up. (It's my own personal Waiting for Godot.)
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