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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, we've got a super-busy, fun-filled day ahead of us - noontime feast at our dear friend Roger's, with his family & other friends, and then we're off to the Chiefs game at Arrowhead, where we are fervently hoping we stomp the Broncos! The game is airing on the NFL Network, and our local Fox affiliate; if you see me in my new hand-knit felted Chiefs-colors top hat, let me know! (I'm rather proud of my new hat.) I will get a picture up of me in my new hat soon.

I'm not going to get all goopy & traditional, and list off everything I'm thankful for, because I feel that list pretty much every day. I'm sad every day, but for the first time last night, I dreamt of my dad and it wasn't sad. I miss him, and I always will. I look at these new permanent feelings and I know that in years, they will be worn a bit more smooth, they will slide around and together in my pocket, they will not prick with a savage dagger so sharply. I simultaneously appreciate and hate my wisdom rocks.

So yes, I said I wasn't going to make a list, but I am thankful for JWo, and the laughter and the love we share. We had his mom over for dinner last night & taught her how to make her own sushi rolls - we did real crab meat & gourd, and smoked salmon & cream cheese - and stuffed ourselves. (You know, sort of like training, for today.) There were a few slices left, and we gave the dogs a treat..... we broke all the house rules for the sake of priceless photos.....


Polly's pretty delicate in how she takes food from you, so watching her eat from chopsticks was hilarious. She was a little nervous, because she's never sat in a chair before.




"Um, hey. Hey? Hey, guys, I'm down here....."

(Don't worry, Suzy got her sushi, too....)

May all YOUR dreams come true & enjoy the day.
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