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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Apparently I'm Going To Have To Get Out & Push The Earth So We Have Sunshine And Nighttime.

I have spent my morning in not one, but TWO Battle Royales. The first with the cable company, who can sink to the bottom of the ocean with a two-ton anchor weight around their neck for all I care, I'll be on the Lido deck with a bloody mary & some canapes. The second battle was with our friends at the pharmacy who have dicked me around on a prescription for a week & a half, and I've driven out there not once, NOT twice, but FEE TINES a Mady, and while Bu-wheat Sings, I am ready to fiddle while their fucking store burns to the ground. (just kidding!) I have 100% faith in the nurse at my doctor's office, but am a little concerned that they couldn't find my chart. Perhaps I no longer exist. My ability to publish this blog will prove that theory wrong. So I got to work and told Kristin that apparently, it's my job today to rotate the fucking earth so we get a daytime, nighttime, and general progression of time.

On an upnote, I did have a serious chuckle at the idea of buying James' 17-year old cousin a "junior accordian" from Target. Because nothing says teenage angst like wailing away on the accordian..... I may take it up myself if this day doesn't improve!

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