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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Only Three Days, But It Felt Like Twelve....


What a week. You'd think I was the chief salt miner with a hunnert paper cuts or something, but chef-boy-ar-dee, this was the longest short week, ever.

I was so utterly drained by the end of the day today, I actually went out for a drink with co-workers.

I never go out for a drink.

I expect things will normalize a bit once we're all back in the swing of regular work weeks, and I even said how badly I need a routine, so this kvetching about my hard knock life should abate pretty soon.

Now I'm going to crash - I was God's little crabapple today, and I'd like to wake up ... different.... tomorrow. Maybe a pear, or a bowl of cherries. Happy, happy weekend. May the fruit be with you.


posted by PlazaJen, 12:20 AM