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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mad as a Hatter and Lovin' Every Minute Of It, Nah, Nah, Nah-Nah.

So..... after yesterday's post, an observation was made at how readily I'll just consume .....drugs. Even the wrong ones. Ayah. Well, I'll admit, perhaps there is an undue influence of Alice in Wonderland from my childhood going on.... and really, my only explanation at this point is that the month of December really, really sucked. And when you're caught in the undertow, a lot of automatic piloting takes over. (As opposed to Britney Spears, who does not go into the undertow, but skips right past it to Bar Thyself In A Bathroom And Get Put In Restraints.) I'm excited I figured it out relatively quickly (the horrid cold masked it for a couple weeks), and I'll be back to my version of normal soon!

Speaking of bipolar-ness and crazy, the weather here? Is nuts. I guess it's snowing right now. Yesterday and the day before were near 60 degrees. Lemme tell you, as a gal who likes relative consistency and does not enjoy being told to be flexible, I would like the weather to be consistent with the season we are in. Currently, and I feel the need to state this since apparently nobody TOLD the weather, it is WINTER. This does not mean we need a season of ice, of drifts of snow (though I do miss snow to some extent...) But chilly weather is ok. Good even. Our grass is confused. My wardrobe is confused. I am confused. (Ok, maybe that's the ACE-inhibitors talking.)

Well, I'm off to eat lunch at that restaurant where, after dining there a year ago, my credit card was suddenly used to purchase ads in newspapers all around the country. (I see you out there. You think I don't learn!) The food is awesome, and I haven't been back there since The Incident. (Which, by the way, I did some sleuthing on, in an attempt to find the fuckers, but it didn't pan out. But I'd do it again, and now I have a friend who's a private investigator, so there. Thieves Be Warned!) However, no worries. I'll be paying with cash.

LEARNING. It's the watchword for 2008.

Oh, and I have finished knitting objects, but no pictures. The chevron scarf is DONE and being worn this minute. This is really a half-assed knitting blog, I must say. It's more about Cacophony Jen and Her Catastrophes and Carousing and Correcting Others. Oh, and Indignation. I still love the Indignation.


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