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Saturday, February 02, 2008

ISE Angel Delivery


I had notification that I had a package, and I signed the little form & left it in the mailbox, checking all the appropriate boxes. The next day, the form was back, and another box circled where I needed to sign. DANGIT! No fear, no worries, back out to the mailbox it went, and when the doorbell rang bright & early this morning, part of me knew - my package had arrived! (Part of me panicked, as I looked a bit Bride o' Frankenstein.)

Wonderful angel Kina, from Taiwan, pitched in when my secret pal for International Scarf Exchange didn't send anything. (James joked, "From Taiwan? Isn't that where the Thai food is?" If you watched this last season of Amazing Race, you'll get that joke. We know Taiwan is in China!) My package was wrapped securely and felt very solid. After getting the paper and bubble wrap off, I was greeted by this cheerful box:

Beautifully Wrapped Present!

Kina can wrap presents, let me tell you. I was impressed immediately! After unwrapping the cheerful gingham, I saw this:

Vintage fabric box

A very, very cool box covered in vintage kitchen fabrics. I'm not sure if Kina made this herself, but it wouldn't surprise me! It's fabulous!

Then I opened up that box, and I have to admit, I got distracted from picture-taking & just started unwrapping. I got so excited! But trust me - everything in the box was fabulously wrapped as well - mulberry rice paper and a brown ribbon encased my scarf - a beautiful lacey wool-polymide blend in all my favorite colors. A wonderful bag was similarly wrapped - made of soft, vintage fabric, lined, and will make a great knitting project bag. She also enclosed a fun beaded fob shaped like bells, made of beads, and a sweet letter.

ISE5 Scarf & Gifts

What a wonderful, caring package, from a person who pitched in without a reciprocal pal herself. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kina. May your kindness and good karma be returned unto you tenfold.


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