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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've got 3 (THREE) WIP's (Work In Progress) right now. I love them each in their own special way.

First we have Jeanie. The beautiful cabled-drop-stitch stole from the current Knitty. It's gotten way more logical since those first ten rows, when I contemplated chucking the entire thing across the room, deterred by the fact some of my favorite stitch markers on the dang thing. (Cupcakes and penguins from Good to Be Girl!) It will be de-gorgeous, but that requires me getting back to working on it:

Jeanie Stole

Loooove dem cables!

But then I got distracted. Shiny things off in the ditch. Oooo! Looky, looky! And teetering off I did a-go.

I Love Traveling Stitches!

These are the Very Terhi Wristwarmers, from Yarnissima. I love them. LOVE THEM. The yarn is Nashua Handknits Julia, in "Coleus". I am fascinated by the traveling stitches and their progression and logic and order somehow click in my brain, way more than standard cabling does. I love the switchy-switchy. I've learned a few things on this, just after the first complete set of rows, and I've even done crazy hitchy things like, go back and undo some stitches that were a-travelin' the wrong way, without undoing everything. These are complex, and I am unable to watch tv as well while working on them. And because both my active projects seem to involve cables, I decided, yes, I need a third project in the air (not counting all those "started yet hibernating" projects) - I cast on for some toe-up socks using ShiBui yarn, in the brightest, happiest colorway you could imagine ("Spectrum").

Shibui Sock

I always knit my socks (and apparently, wristwarmers) 2-at-a-time, but when you're doing toe-up, it just makes sense to make each toe and THEN start sailing along with them on two circs. (Or magic loop.) I was initially thinking these would be my basic, mindless knitting - standard ribbing & whatnot .... but then I caught myself designing something in my head... something involving.... traveling stitches? :) I dunno! We'll see. I've got a ways to go before I have to commit, but I do like the idea of trying something a leetle different. Seems to be in keeping with most things of late.


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