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Sunday, March 23, 2008


So, the collective reaction to the giant fish can be summed up rather easily into "Holy shit" or a variation thereof. I got numerous emails and text messages & comments, and Spyder, your comment about using one of the dogs for bait garnered a huge guffaw from me! (I was quite pleased to be able to access email and the internet (marginally) via my phone while we were down there - just enough to keep in touch, but my inability to and dislike of texting kept me in check.)

Yep, that's the biggest fish I have ever caught! We went snagging on Friday, and were out in overcast, blustery cold weather that turned to sunshine, and we were on the water for about three hours. (I am sporting a fantastic, oddly-shaped sunburn on the lower half of my face, the part that wasn't shaded by sunglasses or a hat. Sessy!) About two hours in, my hook grabbed that fish, and the reeling was on. Grampa pointed out I need to "PUMP AND REEL" or I was going to burn out the reel in no time. Yeah, yeah, right, I forgot in the excitement. It also makes it a LOT easier to wrangle a fish to the boat.

I didn't feel the need to do any more fishing (ala George Costanza - quit while you're ahead!) and the rest of the weekend was spent snoozing, hanging out, knitting, chatting, playing cards & laughing. And eating delicious fish! Now we're back home to reality, laundry, and responsibilities. The dogs had a grand time as well, and it was Tripper's first lake trip and he has some learning to do..... doofus doesn't keep his mouth shut enough while he's swimming with a dummy, so we were treated to much ralfing of water when he'd get back to shore. Good lord! My favorite moment was when he brought James a dead fish instead of a dummy. (I believe I even have a picture, which I'll offload at some point.) Guess he just was getting into the spirit of the weekend!

Happy Easter.....yay for half-price chocolate tomorrow!
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