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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The List, It Is Growing.

We've established a few things that really set Tripper off. Turns out, the list is growing. Daily.

1. Cowboys. We know it's either cowboys, or Josh Brolin. Fortunately, we don't get a lot of cowboys through our south siiiide neighborhood, nor do we watch a lot of westerns. And as far as I know, Josh Brolin doesn't cruise by regularly.

2. Stranger Danger. This is not unusual, and all three dogs have this trigger.

3. Spacial Distance of One Single Story. If Tripper's in his crate, and I have to run upstairs or go downstairs to the basement? He, simply put, loses his shit. Bizzonkers with barking. No matter how much I yell at him or return to provide negative stimulus. He used to be afraid of stairs, and now he's just beside himself with crazy if he can't go with you.

4. Large Yellow Trash Bags. Specifically, large yellow trash bags, full of trash, put out the night before. Normally, we put our trash out in the morning ("we" is "JWo") because otherwise you might end up with critters strewing it all over the yard. But if there's no food stuffs or scraps in the bags, James will put them out the night before - and he'd done a fair amount of cleaning up outside, and we had several bags of trash that he put out front. Tripper? DOES NOT APPROVE. He barked at them every time he saw them through the breezeway door.

5. This last one - and surely, it will not BE the last, but it's the last one for today - is Tripper himself. After James left for work, I was getting ready to put on my makeup, and in a bold and sudden move, Tripper put his paws up on the bathroom counter and stood up, right next to me. My mouth was open in shock, and before I had a moment to react (and yell, and push him down), he caught sight of himself in the large mirror. Oh. Mah. God. He was SO PISSED. And I couldn't stop laughing, and so we had this crazy mix of bad behavior not getting corrected and of course, after I shooed him down, I let him do it again just for the laughs (though I took his paws off the counter and put them on my arm, like I used to do with my dog when I was a kid.) And then he showed an inordinate interest in my makeup, so perhaps he wants to be a little drag queen. He was barking because he wanted to be pretty!


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