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Monday, April 21, 2008

Did I Fall Off The Face Of The Earth, Too?

No, but I did fall down again.


Fell down again. So we had the first incident on Tuesday evening. Then, on Thursday evening, I let the (very soaking wet) dogs in, and while they danced off their muddy paws in the entryway, they still carried some drippage in on their coats. (This is foreshadowing!) I was sitting down to eat some stir-fry & realized I'd forgotten to put the little packet of cashews on top, and who doesn't love a nice cashew crunch, well, if you're allergic maybe, but I'm not, so I toodle back in to the kitchen & cut the top off the package & stump my way back. Wearing Crocs. (Have you worn Crocs? So comfy. But sadly, the equivalent of ice skates when worn on wet tile.) I hit a wet tile - with my good left foot. Which went shooting out to the side. Leaving me to balance on the bad foot, and I'd :just: taken the splint off to air my ankle out. It was like the Balance Gnomes freaked out, and all the other gnomes just looked at 'em like, "Dudes. You crazy." I didn't even bother to fight this fall. I went straight down (face first!) and caught myself with my knees (ow) and my palms (ow, ow.) And spilled a few cashews, too. So now I'm flat out, face down (prone) (opposed to supine, which is flat out face up), with the wind almost knocked out of me, and I'm surrounded by wet smelly dogs eagerly trying to find every nut that was knocked loose.

Fighting the fall is where more injury happens, I do believe. The fact that I realized in that split second that there was nothing my bad foot could do but get hurt more, probably worked in my favor. I did, however, bruise my ribcage sufficiently - every laugh for a couple of days came with a wince & a twinge. I still get worn out from the gimping, because I'm using all sorts of new muscles to compensate for the sprain, but it's nice to be on the mend, and not have any bones protruding through my skin. It's important to always be grateful, peeps.

I'm happy to report that this blogger has been accident-free for 3.5 days! Woo hoo! However, hard hats & knee pads are strongly encouraged.

Oh, and ETA: P.S., No earthquake jokes, dudes. I may have created some movement on my own Richter scale, but I'm too far away from the epicenter to be the cause. Bitches. Beat you to it!


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