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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm seriously thinking my last moment in life will involve me in the tub. Taking a header. Isn't that a pretty common way to go? My lack of grace and sprained ankle have left me incredibly frustrated today (and in a fair amount of pain that isn't getting deadened from the handful of anti-inflammatories...) I stayed home today & kept up on things at work via email (thankfully!) and now I'm mustering the strength to go out and get myself some gimp-helpers, namely an ace bandage & possibly an air splint. Oh, and if there are any vicodin lying about on the ground, I'm going to pick those up, no matter how much it hurts at the time.

I did put some DPN holders into my etsy shop, and have quite a few more to put in there, so I'm not skipping the big alert/update, I just want the people who are interested to have a full selection! I need to get some more elastic, but .... the gimp thing again. Sigh. Frustrating! Tripper thinks it's awesome though, because he's gotten to sleep out in the living room all day, instead of in his crate. At least one of us is having an awesome day!

Well, I'm off to hobble through the CVS. If you see me, I'll be the pissy lady brandishing a sporty blue cane. In other words, keep back about four feet!
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