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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rockin' the Bissell Life

We had a productive weekend - Friday night, we attended the BotaB3 - Battle of the Ad Bands, 3 - downtown, along with the pre-party that included unlimited beverages, pizza, and Guitar Hero. I did pretty well, though it's really unnerving to do something familiar (play GH3) while a lot of people are watching you and the photographer is snapping 800 pictures of you.

As my co-worker (and bass player for our company band) put it, "Welcome to playing guitar in a band." DUR.

Their band is "Love Tusk" and they deliver on what they promise: To rock your face off. I haven't been so entertained since - I don't know when! And the three Bacardi & Diet Cokes helped make everything amusing. (James was driving.) Because I :did: need a laugh or six - it had been a pretty grueling day, and I had a joyous project awaiting me at home.

The project, you ask? Tripper diarrhea, everywhere in the big carpeted room downstairs. Oatmeal carpeting, if you're asking. Light. Not that I'd ignore dog poo and hope future guests would just ignore the lumps, but a darker-colored carpet would have certainly been less stressful. (It came with the house!)

I had gone downstairs Friday morning to grab something from the laundry room - of course, he followed, as it is against his religion to be separated from you if you leave the main floor, and in the two minutes I was down there, he had an Accident of Epic Proportions. Foulness. And I was already running late. So all I could do was fight my gag reflex and shrug - it's not like the poop was going to roll around by itself. Sigh.

So I bought myself a mack-daddy Bissell on Saturday at Target. I've always skimped in the past, gotten some smaller device that promised undeliverable miracles, and since the last device was stolen in the burglary, we'd never replaced it. It hadn't cleaned the stains anyway. Sigh. Little did I know. I had finally made the right move.

This machine not only got all the diarrhea stain out (and believe-you-me, I went into this project skeptical AND heavily armed: gloves, numerous plastic bags, paper towels). It also got out the 4-year old urine stain from when Polly had peed right in front of the door and we'd unsuccessfully tried to get it out. (We gave up and put a small entry rug over it.) So. I'm happy with it. I did about half the stairs going up to the second level, and I can't wait to tackle the other stains up there. Joy from a carpet cleaner, crazy, I know! I used their expensive Pet & Soil cleaner (I figured what the hell, at that point.) My brain had been thinking we'd have to pay someone professional to come in (and what a PITA that would be, not to mention, NOT CHEAP). So I still feel like it was all worth it. Not that I'm anxious to use it again on any poopy accidents! Bleah!

I also got a TON of DPN holders made this weekend (my lord, if you knitters are still reading me, what fortitude and patience and strong stomachs! Thank you!) and I'll get them up in my Etsy shop in the very near future. Yay! Now, I'm off to hang with the Sock Club ladies at The Studio, and I should stop singing out loud at my desk because, well, I am NOT ALONE here. Just further cementing everyone's unspoken opinion that I'm utterly crazy. But fun! Crazy and fun. Now, equipped with a mack-daddy cleaning device. And available as a groupie for the Love Tuskers when needed.


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