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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Fine Until the Drugs Wear Off....

I realized about 10 minutes ago that the reason things hurt is that I hadn't taken any pain relievers since 8 a.m. And that I'd planned to take some more at lunch, but then promptly forgot.

It's made for a semi-cranky demeanor, not to mention the fact that all the other muscles are a little irritated to be carrying more than their load. I appreciate the sympathy & concern - and had there been a glimmer of worry that it was in fact broken, I'd have gone to the doctor. I still will, if it doesn't continue to improve. According to my at-home physician (JWo) (who is assisted by Nurse Tripper - boys are nurses too!), the swelling had gone down a fair amount in one day. It does still hurt, but I did the "Is Your Ankle Broken" checklist, and as long as there's improvement, I should be fine. I do love, however, how every one of these online checklists incorporates something like, "Do a visual check, and if there are bones protruding from the skin, seek medical attention." Oh, really? Ya think? I'll get to the doctor right after I've recovered from puking and passing out from SEEING MY BONES coming through my skin. Fuuu-uck. I love how our litigious and Darwin-Award-driven society has removed all semblances of common sense. (Obviously, my 1,000 mg of pain reliever has not kicked in yet. Hi, Grouchers!)

I will end on a high note. I've saved this in my Bloglines, because it makes me grin every time I see it. And given the footwear, it feels vaguely appropriate. Except I'm pretty sure this hammy doesn't actually walk around in doll shoes.


(From Cute Overload, natch.)
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