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Monday, April 28, 2008

Closeted Miracles

OK, I know most of you know that I can fall victim to the belief that the Next Big Thing can truly change my life in every way imaginable. If I accrue enough plastic tubs and storage items, when the tipping point is reached, then I will finally become organized. Know where everything is. You know .... kinda impossible. But I do keep the hope alive.

That said, I did discover a product that has made a huge difference in my life. And I love it/them. And so far? After two weeks? They're still working for me, and I'm a lot more organized, at least in one small area of my life. What is it? Well, it's these flocked hangers. Prior to these, I was using oversized/large plastic hangers, and discovering that I still had to fold clothing over the lower bar of the hanger for it to stay on. Much of my wardrobe is knits, and many of those are slinky/slippery/smooth fabric and they just won't stay on a hanger. So I found that much of my wardrobe was not visible to the eye and everything took up twice as much space, if not more. And I thought I'd give these a go. Well, hell's bells, they work like a charm. I even got a set of the pant hangers & draped my skirts on them. Now, when I look at my side of the closet, I can readily see all of my tops and make a choice based on a visual cue, versus relying on memory or a vague recollection. You can't use them for wet clothes, so I'm employing the plastic hangers down in the laundry room, and switching the clothes over once they're dry. They're also super skinny, so a lot more fits in the space. And shirts aren't falling off to disappear at the back of the closet! I love 'em. There's my toot-toot for those hangers. (I know, I'm no Billy Mays!) I've seen them at Target, but I know with my 20% off coupon for BB&B, the 50 hangers for $32 was a pretty sweet deal.

In other news, we are still waiting for Tripper to outgrow some dastardly puppy behavior. He loves to chew. Chew, chew, chew. And we have all sorts of bones - real and faux - but left to his own devices, he has destroyed many a random thing. A new rubber rug from Target lost a corner in just a few minutes of being left in the house alone - a plastic thermometer, a screwdriver, and yesterday, he took a plastic milk jug (James uses them in the greenhouse & the coldframe) and destroyed it to a million little pieces. He's like our own live shredder. But does he take the credit card offers and junk mail that needs shredding? No. He had an old paintbrush that was actually pretty comical to see, as he ran around with the brush end sticking out, like he was off to whip up his next masterpiece. And on Saturday, he got ahold of a knife of James' (he likes to go into James' workshed and root around for oddities that an ordinary lab wouldn't discover). So he's running around with this plastic-handled pocket knife (open!) looking like a goddamned pirate, without his eye patch. I quickly got that away from him and into an up-high, inaccessible spot. And we have to put the lid on the trash down, or else he's in there, discovering things like cream cheese wrappers or the ends of baby bok choy. I just shake my head. No magic solution for this except time - and vigilance!
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