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Friday, May 02, 2008

Scary Night!

We awoke simultaneously, and instantly. Approximately 1:30 a.m.?
I looked out the windows by my side of the bed & knew instantly that this was not an ordinary thunderstorm. I rarely wake up during thunderstorms. The wind was so loud, and if you grow up in the midwest, all you ever hear is how an oncoming tornado sounds like a freight train. The branches in our back yard were bending and whipping in directions atypical for a regular thunderstorm. James was looking out his window as well, and when I asked if we should go to the basement, I felt sick when he said, "Yes."

The power flickered off and on, going off completely as Polly & I went downstairs. James got Tripper out of his crate, then we both called for Suzy....aaaaabsolutely not. Ms. Suze does not leave her pillow willingly! By this time, the power was back on, and we watched the small television to see the radar & the local weatherman calmly explaining what was going on. I must say, Brian Busby's calmness helped a LOT. Most of the weather people in town get really agitated and alarmed, but when you're standing, blinking, in your basement, wondering if your home is going to rip up around you, a calm voice is really helpful. James is incredibly smart about weather, and when he saw the straight line of the storm, he relaxed & reassured me it wasn't going to be as bad as we both feared. I felt tears spring into my eyes, as the adrenaline slowly waned. My legs were shaking, and I had the image of being 3, living in Knoxville, IA, and the only other time in my life I've been scared out of my gourd about a tornado. My father told us to go to the basement, and as my mother & I huddled together, growing more fearful each second he didn't join us, I remember my legs quivering and shaking. He joined us, with a radio, and that storm passed, too.

There were some areas hit pretty hard by the line of storms - buildings & homes destroyed; we were very lucky. The only funny moment came as we trundled back to bed; James observed we learned who the Captain of our house is: Suzy.

Totally going down with the ship.
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