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Friday, March 16, 2007

So Many Orts, So Little Time

I have so many things to cover! And they're not one-liner nuggets, either. It's always good to begin the beguine at the beginning, so here we go:

1. My co-workers were treated to me singing "Man In the Mirror" (Clubland Dance 8 Version) this morning. I think my IT neighbor is going to wear his headphones a lot today.

2. I started a new project at knit night last night, which incorporates all my hand-dyed cashmere. It's just soooo soft & lovely. I'm using Axelle's "Klee Scarf" as my inspiration.

3. Speaking of knit night, we had our core group all in one room, and had the conversations we should have had months ago. Groups are interesting, and I think women in general tend to over-think and analyse and run through relationship scenarios, and ultimately make assumptions based on those brain-whirrings. Turns out there were some misconceptions all around the table, and it was really cleansing and positive to just get everything out. And realize how, even through our diversity, we all share many of the same goals and values. Yarn being right at the top of that list!

4. Speaking of hand-dyeing, I spent an afternoon at Kristin's a while back & slogged through a lot of yarn (and a lot of dye....uh, I over-use the dye) to get some really pretty stuff. It's fun to see how it ultimately turns out....


5. I decided to take a gander at my StatCounter search terms, because it's always entertaining. Turns out someone is out there with a serious Bejeweled issue. Kind gamer soul, I hope you find the help you need. Another wants drive-thru sushi? And then there's the great open-casket-material quote. Search on, internet, search on.

6. There's still a lot more coming, but it all takes time. Knitting my soul back together and untangling all the knots of anger, pain, sadness..... I am tied for second place in the basketball thing, so I'm trash talking and laughing my head off when I'm asked how I went about making my picks. I'd like to keep the mystery alive for a day..... but the truth is, I just picked mostly higher-rated teams and threw in some random upsets that are bound to happen - and it turns out, so far, I've been lucky. It's about time. Y'hear that, you little leprauchan? Gimme some good luck for a change!

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