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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Plenty of Madness....Just A Different Kind.

So, everyone's all about the basketball. The entire office gathered at lunch to eat D'Bronx pizza, salads, brownies the size of a small child, and watch the basketball game. Since we're also participating in one of the bracket-thingy competitions on-line, complete with a message alert feature for trash-talking, I have a vague interest, but listen up, it's not like somebody started frying bacon in the kitchen. This stuff is just an excuse to squawk and participate in Office Stuff, because I may know something about football, and could follow baseball if I had an inspiring team, I do not give a rat's patoot about basketball. I literally feel my eyes lose their focus when it's on and I start to go to my Happy Place. Which today included a really good balsamic vinaigrette, and a fantastic chocolate brownie.


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