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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dancing As Fast As I Can

I know at some point I have written about that crazy kooky boss (there've been so many!) that had all sorts of expressions for how crazy-busy she was....... the ol' one-armed paperhanger...... up to her ass in alligators..... but our favorite was always the "Dancing as fast as I can" because one of my co-workers did this hilarious Flashdance number, running in place.
Maybe our skepticism was because she spent most of her time playing Free Cell....

Anyway. I'm here. I'm working like mad, and going out of town tomorrow (oh yes, the world of business travel is so glamorous. Traveling for 6 hours in a car (round trip), but at least I'll get some knitting done.) There have been a few funny things, a couple sad things, you know, just the basic life stuff. I've apparently completely abandoned the 365 Days project of self-portraiture;

OH MY GOD if you are going to be interviewed on TV and you are seated in your car TAKE THE KEY OUT OF THE IGNITION. I can't believe they're airing this, the DING DING DING is about to send me out of my skin.

So, I think I was about to say that I've had some difficulty concentrating, staying on-task, really not doing much focusing on anything that isn't On Fire! Blazing! Cuidado! Automatic Caution Door! Danger! I'm pretty much trying to find an extra seventeen hours, and I will spend at least 5 on some extra sleep, 2 on organizing, 2 on shopping, 4 on knitting/TV time, and then maybe another 4 on personal improvements, cooking, and getting the car washed. I'm going to try to catch some of that sleep right now. More soon, I promise.

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