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Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Hoping For Unicorns

So Friday morning, which is like, not very far away right now, and once I jack with the posting time it will be even closer, is the Big Moment, and truth be told the process is really more like 2.5 hours, but it's Big Lasik Friday. I'm hoping someone throws beads, every time I open my eyes. Well, maybe not. All that flinching can't be good.

Way earlier this week, and independent of one another, Kristin & I decided our eyes were getting worse, progressively & rapidly. Kristin said, "I think my eyes are worse this week." To which I enthusiastically screamed (because most everything at work involves screaming), "MINE TOO!" And then we discussed how our eyeglasses were constantly filthy, the blurring, the halos, the inability to see colors or the DVR guide (most essential). You know, just making the folks who drive on Ward Parkway feel blessed that they made it home commuting among us.

So as we were discussing how we were coping with the rapid onset of blindness, I said, "Have you thought about what we'll be able to see? You know, once we have Lasik?" To which Kristin replied, "Like what, like UNICORNS?" And I said, "Well, yeah, ok, those too, but what I meant was more like detail and whatnot, but yeah, like what if we can start seeing the unicorns among us? That'd be some Lasik."

(I think someone puts a little more time than necessary in on her "What Would Unicorns Do" folder she got for Christmas. Not casting stones, or magic hooves here, but our friends the unicorns have come up a LOT more in conversation since that lovely office supply appeared.)

Later I gestured to a marble coffee table & said, "I just hope that I don't wind up sitting here all day, staring and petting the pretty marble, because there's detail and color I couldn't see before." And even later that day, in the thick of a work-situation-panic, Kristin shouted something about how I'd be doing that next week, BLIND. Because what we really want to focus on here is blindness and how I won't be able to get the International Standard Rates and Data Services book in Braille.

I mean, come on. I'm focusing on what really counts here. Vision! And Unicorns!

Maybe one with a magic laser in its horn will be the surgeon tomorrow. Wouldn't that be somethin'!
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