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Friday, January 12, 2007

Socks, Mohawks, Ice Storms.... You Know, Just Another Friday

Well, we're getting a nice downpour of freezing drizzle right now, and it's supposed to be another lovely ice storm for the metro area. We were going to head up to Iowa this weekend, but this, among other reasons, has cancelled those plans.

On the knitting front, one of the Christmas presents I gave our dear friend Roger was the promise of hand-knit socks. I don't knit socks for people, really, except JWo and me, and then I made a pair for my dad when he was sick, and then a pair for Brenda so she would feel the love and connection that goes into knitting up socks. I also made my mother-in-law a pair for Christmas. So yes, I guess I do knit socks for other people, but not just "OH, hey, would you make me a pair?" or "Could you make some for my Sister-in-law?" They're only for the near, dear & special. And this includes Roger! I made them in record time - given that they were bigger than the ones I usually make for myself, and how long my Mermaid socks had taken me with paying attention to the pattern. Pictures!

Roger's Socks, in Trekking XXL #138:
Socks for Roger

My Mermaid Socks, in Trekking XXL #139:
Mermaid Socks

Oh, and the mohawk? (JWo called me "mohawk girl" this morning) It's not really a mohawk. But I can get some INSANE bed hair workin' while I'm sleeping. My friend Beth thought my hair QUITE hilarious when we roomed together on the Kristin Wedding Trip last fall. So I had to incorporate a photo of it into my participation of the 365 Days pool on Flickr. Pretty! But that's on'y in the mo'nin. Wooowooooo!

You Can't Style This Look

If I've learned one thing in the short amount of time I've participated in this photo pool? It's that I have absolutely minimal knowledge about photography. I'm awed by some of the stuff out there, it's just incredible!
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