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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did I Say I Was Bored? Silly Goose.

Just stating it to the world and the spiderbots apparently was all it took to undo the provisional cast of boredom that was tying me up yesterday. Holy smokes!

First, last night, the Wo called & told me Miss Suzy had hurt herself jumping from (something) to (another something) and had a small, but deepish gash in her thigh. So he needed to switch dogs & would I meet him in Harrisonville so he wouldn't have to drive the whole way back? No problem. I did have to switch to LaFonda, because it's lower to the ground & we didn't want Suze to have to do any more jumping than necessary. In the time it took me to get home, grab a quick bite, switch cars & get Li'l P, he went to a vet & had her looked at. I love small town vets, I'll just say this right now. The vet irrigated her wound, put antibiotics on it, gave her four stitches, another antibiotic shot, AND two weeks of antibiotics (twice daily, we are using the peanut butter mail men cookies as the delivery distraction) - all for $80. Nothing against the good vets of our metro, but I'd wager it would have cost double to do all that up here!

So, we made the dog swap, Suzy was just fine & cheerful and had good times leaning over and licking my chin while I was driving. We made a stop at World Market on the way back, where I got our new media console & tower to re-organize the tv & various electronics in the living room. (Half off! Gotta love it!) I had decided I'd take this afternoon off, to just putter & put the furniture together - but I walked in to work to a typhoon. We have a new business prospect coming in next week and WHAMMO, suddenly everything's a twitter and we have a gajillion things to do (though, oddly enough, most of it doesn't involve me!) So I'm going to stick around a smidge more, do a couple necessary things, and then vamoose. Tomorrow will be spent assembling furniture & then getting everything set up, which will be kinda fun. And still, there is all the laundry. Le sigh.

Be careful what you wish for! Actually, I'll almost always choose busy (just typed "Busty", which is applicable as well) over bored stiff.
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