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Friday, December 15, 2006

I've Become A 65-Year-Old Woman Overnight

So, I am out of touch with the Youth of Today. I know this, yet I still cling to a belief that I still know what the Youths are Into.

I'm going to defend myself by first saying that I recently watched all the final season episodes of The Wire. And if you watch this show, you know that part of the storyline revolves around The Corners, where drugs are sold, and you hear in the background people calling out the new, hip name of whatever they're calling the latest shipment of crack, or meth, or whatever in hell it is they're selling, like "Pandemic! Pandemic!"

Yeah. And on my way to work the past couple weeks, I've seen these signs, the Do-It-Yourself signs, with a Sharpie scrawl and a phone number? Often times used for "Work From Home, Make A Million!" or "Weight Loss With Hoodia!" Those signs? Parked along the parkway, and they said "T.M.X. ELMO" and a phone number.

And I thought "What in the hell is that? T? M? X?" And I decided perhaps it was a new drug. I know what Elmos is, but I thought perhaps it was a twist, a play on our assumptions & sensibilities, like a tablet that makes you warm, fuzzy & rocketing high as a kite. It wasn't until I saw a news report with an Elmo doll pounding the floor with laughter that the light bulb went off.

My senior years are gonna be AWESOME. Just keep me away from the phone.
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