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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rambunctious X 2 = Crazy

Yin & Yang

The Dirty Rotten Kitty (in focus, while the dogs aren't) got a workout. They tugged-o-war, played & Gracie went to work on the tag, shredding it bite after bite after bite. She's something of a seam ripper, that one.

My Entire Weekend Looked Like This.

Gracie got some gnawing in on her end as well - though Polly initiated most of it.

Narm! NARM!

For the most part, Suzy was non-plussed.

AND this is how Suzy looks. Weary.

This is how Gracie looks, almost always. So Sad. Poor little matchstick dog.

This is how she looks, all the time

Aaaaand this is how Polly looks, almost always. Ready to parrrr-tay! Unless she's insanely jealous, which happened every time Li'l G came over to get pets.

And this is how SHE looks all the time.
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