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Friday, December 22, 2006

High Anxiety

Just like the movie, I've been starring in my own high-strung screenplay for a few days now. Mel Brooks? We should meet, my friend. Actually, I think I'm calming the fuck down now. I can almost hear my dad saying it, "Jennifer! Calm the fuck down!" when I type it like that! By my best estimations, we will have eight (8) adults, two (2) teenagers, two (2) children, and two (2) dogs in our house by 8:00 this evening. I expect we'll see our first guest hit the door by 2:00. Because when you say "Come by around 3:00" in his family, that means, "Really, any time after we wake up." I have never met more showin-up-early folk in my life, god love 'em. And amusingly, I'm actually getting used to it! The first couple of years were tough, I did not understand this several-hours-early behavior and I reacted a lot like they were hitting me in the face with a ball-peen hammer. Now I've adapted, and for everyone's sake, learned to get dressed a LOT earlier.

James & I wrapped all the presents this morning, he sat at the table in his undies with our youngest niece's bike helmet on his head (still with the plastic case on it, too), butt-dancing to 80's music, and we agreed he looked exceptionally special needs. He's been on a roll, seeing how he put away five martinis last night in about an hour & a half, and was the stand-up comic for his fellow teachers and me. We were at the Melting Pot for happy hour, and while we didn't have a repeat of the crazy "You're No Stanley Kubrick", I think my husband was just as amusing. He kept promising me I could get drunk tonight. (With his family! And they won't be drunk, so wouldn't that make for a Christmas to remember?) Quite frankly, I'm not ready to take on the Bad News Hughes family for drunken holiday blogging. If you're at work today & looking for some good entertainment to eat up the minutes until (hopefully) your boss realizes absolutely nobody's working & maybe it's time to release you to the world, and stop being a Scrooge McItchyPants, then read last year's holiday recap, and hit the ones prior as well. That's a family that knows how to party.....
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