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Friday, January 05, 2007

You Should Hear Me Talk Football.

JWo loves to laugh at me. I say things like, "He fuckin' PLOWED into him!" for a hit he wouldn't categorize as a PLOWING. Alls I know is, someone knocks my feet out from under me, no matter what sort of helmet I'm wearing, I've been plowed.

So, it is with shameless pride & arrogance I give you this screen capture.

Yep, that's me. Jen$ A$$ Kicker$. My blog-bud Bekah organized a Fantasy Football league last fall and invited me to partake. Now, my exposure to fantasy football thingies in the past consisted of all men, gathering in a room someplace, drinking, eating, whatevering, and talking about individual players spanning the league nonstop for months. All of it booming over my head at sonic speed. So it was simply natural for me to join. And I did, and I made my picks, and then? Then? I thought that was it. Hah! This would explain why, after a couple weeks, I was at the bottom of the league. You have to change your player roster every week, sillies! DUH! (I inserted that for those of you who are more knowledgeable and were already getting dizzy from shaking your head so hard.) Well. I only give you the excuse that I was really busy and I think I was even gone the night we did the actual draft. But all you have to do is fix the gun in my hand for me to take off like a monkey on crack, shooting up the saloon and fruit stand. And with a little advice and guidance from Bekah, I picked up the pace and got, shall we say, a little more competitive. Granted, I can only credit luck for my ultimate win, because I still don't bother to know everything about everyone in the NFL, and I really only follow the Chiefs.

But the long & short of this story (besides what a fan-fuckin-tastic WINNER I am, so modest and non-preening) is that sometimes the winner is a surprise. And I'm hoping like mad, so hard my fingers ache from being crossed, that we'll see a surprise tomorrow afternoon when the Chiefs take on Indianapolis, and our amazing playoffs chance lasts a little longer this go-round. If not, well, at least I'm still a WINNER. ME. MMM-HMMM. You could almost say I PLOWED my way through the brackets......
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