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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Random Orts For A New Year

-The internet at work, sadly, did not make ANY resolutions to be better. Talk about needing to look within and make a change. Sigh.

- Much to the joy & entertainment of those sitting near me, I have decided to sing along (in ten-second increments) to almost every song on my iTunes in the past half hour. (It's sorted by album & I'm currently in the thick of a series of Billboard's Top Hits, 1980-1989.) Because I love the eighties, and you will too! (Toto! St. Elmo's Fire! When mullets weren't so bad and ballads were the BOMB baby!)

- I have this thing tomorrow and I am so not into it. But like the stage peformer I always wanted to be, I will flick the switch and radiate joy and energy and hopefully, not break a leg.

- I'm not sure if my bipolar attitude is tied to a decision I made last night to drink an entire bottle of champagne. And eat Christopher Elbow chocolates. Because in my opinion, you should START the new year with indulgence and celebration, too.

- I hate working through lunch because every hour thereafter is a horrible shock. I was certain it was after 3, and in fact, it was only nearing 2:00 p.m. This makes me uber-cranky.

- I'm not switching to the new Blogger until they make me. I'd love to use the new features, but every time they tell me to do it, I go through three steps & then they say, "OH NO, so sorry, we aren't letting your kind in yet." Well, piss up a rope, then, and quit asking me to do it.

- Alright, the internet has gone out for drinks. I better publish this before all lines are down & she's drunk & dancing on a table. More later.
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