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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still Cold, Still Knitting.

OK, so at 9:00 a.m., I looked at my adorable little yellow chick clock, with the feet that wag back and forth. This clock:

Then, some amount of time later, I looked back at it (it's just to the left of where my computer monitor sits and I don't care how much I know there's a clock on my computer, I never look at it). Chick said "9:03". Holy crap. I felt my head tilt, my body sag, and I thought to myself, "Man. It's going to be a long day. It's like time's standing still."

It wasn't until close to 10:00 that Kristin came in and informed me that my clock was wrong, that I realized the battery was dying (and is now dead). WHEW! It was going to take two weeks before it was 5:00!

In other news, it is still cold & icy - the Wo hasn't had school all WEEK! and the knitting frenzy continues. I finished the Portland sweater, and here's a picture:
Portland Sweater, adjusted pattern
I upsized the pattern, and the color in this picture isn't exactly representative - it's more a soft muddled plum. I wore it on Monday & it was quite comfy. Of all things, I'm wearing my frothy mohair scarf today, because my friend Tamar mentioned it last week. I am not a mohair gal, but this scarf really is too pretty. Here's a lovely picture of me, which I took with my cameraphone - while I was talking to a rep. She didn't say anything shocking, so I have no idea why my eyes are bugging out!
On the phone

Then I decided I'd see what I'll look like without glasses - Friday's the big day! I couldn't quite recapture the expression....

I think it looks like I"m saying, "MmmmmHMMMMMMMM" in a really indignant, saucy tone.
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