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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Like A Roman F'n Candle, People.

I haven't gotten this angry at work, about work, and not involving my OWN neuroses, which I have filed in a floss bobbin box, neatly labeled and arranged by size, since... well, I don't know when. A sales rep screwed up, and boy howdy, in a royal gigantic way. With all the trimmings. Plus dessert.

Ordinarily, I get wound up and mad and Rawr Rawr Rawr and then I'm level-headed in my interaction and give the benefit of the doubt and try to find the solution. I even first responded to the situation with that attitude, and then one conversation with my client erased any shadows of doubt that the wrong thing had been done.

It's rare for me to be passionately angry and equally logical, and while I'm still pissed to the nines about what happened? I loved it on another level. My boss did, too, not only because he agreed with me, but as we laughingly observed, because it meant I wasn't on his ass about the things he's screwing up & needs to do, too.

Good thing we're like family 'round here. Family of ROMANS. Let's just not implement a toga policy.
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