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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It Only Takes A Few Small Grains of Sand to Jack Up the Vaseline.....

OK, I've spent about 45 minutes being unbelievably pissy. I wasn't this way when I came to work, or even before I left for lunch. My doctor's office was open (I went to pick up my prescriptions) but the entire staff was in a meeting with nobody manning the front desk. They responded to my toodling "Helloooooo?" by coming out and asking me to sit and wait until 1:00. It was 12:15. Hi, um, how do you say? NO?! I said I was just there to pick up the prescriptions, and you'd have thought I asked her to come over and clean out my toilets. With her tongue. So needless to say, I'm considering a switch, because my phone interaction yesterday was about the same. I've been going there for 9+ years, but when you're treated like riffraff rolling in off the street, maybe it's time for a change!

So I was just a grumpery girl and there was this horrible child at Hobby Lobby who kept picking something off a shelf behind me in line & dropping it on the floor. Her mother was doing a darn-good job of keeping her in line (wipes sarcasm off lips):

"Honey, put that back."
:FWAP: (object lands on floor)
"Honey, put that back."
:FWAP: (object on floor again)
"I mean it. Put that back."
:FWAP: (you're getting the hang of this now, right?)
"Honey, put that back before you break something."

JESUS. I'm telling you, I was spanked maybe all of two times in my entire childhood. But I would have stopped after the first FWAP with just one directive from either of my parents. They always conveyed a level of "We're not fucking around here, knock it OFF." And I don't think this warranted a spanking or lifting the child up off the floor by their arm, but I am really starting to miss the Fire & Brimstone style of parenting, where just one look would quell even the most rambunctious escapades. (My friend Beth has the hairy eyeball nailed with her daughter. It always makes me want to laugh but I don't because we cannot EVER make light of the hairy eyeball.)

Let's see, so then, I'm all hot and overheated & my window alone wasn't cooling me off, and I decided because it was such a glorious (BRIGHT! My eyes!) day, I'd open the sunroof. About 60 seconds later, one of those sticky pointy gumtree seed pods came sailing into the car, caught some serious air, bounced around and hit me in two places so I thought I had a bat or lizard or something equally unwelcome in the car. Talk about freaking out. Jesus. I thought I was going to end up in the bed of the truck in front of me while I performed Immediate Panicked Maneuvers In The Car (the long-lost bandmates of OMD) and finally realized, in fact, there was nothing with a pulse fwapping around the interior of my car, just a mild-mannered seed pod.

So on a more positive note, here's some knitting updates.
I finished the Trekking #126 socks:
Finished Socks, Trekking #126

I finished the Lady Detective Hat from Knit 2 Together:
Lady Detective Hat in Noro Iro #55
(It's on a wine bottle, thus the odd shape at the top)

I started the (highly imaginatively named) "Scarf", from Victorian Lace Today - knitting it out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in "African Grey".
Lace Scarf
It's an incredibly simple pattern, which is good, since my eyeballs couldn't handle anything with much more complexity.

Oo! I just pulled my sweater up over my head and hid in my Inner Circle for 15 seconds and it made things seem much better. Ostriches might be on to something.....
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