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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Super Quick Update

...because the computer room is freezing. We're supposed to start getting snow, and dare I say, I'm simply looking forward to the TRACTION it will provide on top of the super-slick ice that seems to surround our entire house.

Yesterday's Lasik went very, very well. Really quite a blur, all puns and interpretations intended. There were a few moments of discomfort - never any pain - and really the most unpleasant part of the actual procedure was the removal of the "sticky drapes" - surgical tape thingies that hold your eyelashes up out of your eye, and like a bandaid being removed from an ouchie spot, imagine that line of skin under your eyelashes releasing that tape. Yeah. I didn't hesitate to point it out to the entire team in the room that the sticky drapes were NOT my friends.

The rest of the day improved gradually - big shout-out of thanks to the burning fucking orb you people commonly call "the sun" for being out and blazing - so I went home & sat with the (non-sticky) drapes drawn, fidgeting & watching tv, and then out to dinner (a blog post in of itself)(my friend Roger drove, in case you were worried). The best moment was actually as I got into bed, and I looked over at the clock? And it was perfectly clear. No squinting, nothing, no usual red blur of numbers that my brain had spent the past 17+ years working to decipher by the general amount of red and approximation of the LED lines. It was perfectly crystal clear: 11:36. So awesome. Then I wore my Buck Rogers Eyewear (these goggle things they give you) and those lasted half the night. I'm supposed to wear them so I don't gouge at my eyes in my sleep, perhaps those mitts they put on babies would work better. We had our follow-up this morning, both Kristin & I are healing marvelously. Her eyes are still more dilated because she got 1,100 drops yesterday and I only had to have 600. (Slight exaggeration, yet still proportionately accurate.)

I keep wanting to adjust my glasses on my face, or I feel a strange sense of panic that my glasses AREN'T on my face and yet I'm seeing just fine. My vision's not even fully corrected yet (as the cornea heals & my eyes finally de-dilate), and yet I'm seeing things even better than with my glasses. The best analogy I could think of today is that it's like I used to watch TV on an old big-picture tube with pretty good cable connection, and suddenly I'm switched to a high-def channel on a plasma tv. No signs of unicorns (yet), but we did see a Quintiles building that had never been there before (or had it?) on our way to Jo-Ann's after the eye appointment this morning. And yesterday, we danced in the cold care aisle at CVS because we were fairly blind, and if we can't see them, they can't see us!

I'm glad I had my buddy to go through it at the same time, and uber-thanks to Kyra for being our driver & giving up most of her day to make sure we got home safely! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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