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Monday, April 03, 2006

Ahhh, The Dreaded Bathing.....

Too Funny.

I absolutely love this picture of Suzy. Both the dogs got baths on Saturday, given what a gorgeous, sunny warm day it was. As you can imagine, I also got a bath, but more by proximity. Polly's the worst, because she hasn't figured out yet that the more she fights it, the longer it takes. Suzy, being older & wiser, is much calmer & suffers through with enormous dignity, looking at you the entire time with her giant brown eyes, asking, "Why? WHY?"

Polly, post-bathing:

I'll relax for a moment. Just one.

Our agency's off to the Royals home opener today, it should be fun! (I like any Monday that is a half-day!) I'm taking some sock knitting, though, you can't make me sit for that long without yarn.....
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