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Friday, March 24, 2006


Just a few random observations from the big trip yesterday:

We rode in my boss' minivan. It has those automatic sliding doors on either side? After we stopped for gas, I started to get back in, decided to throw out my trash, and as I was getting back into the van, he shut the door on me. (Thinking I was already in.) There's nothing like mechanical apparatus panic & seeing your life flash before you while a minivan door is going to kill you, and while I never thought to look around, I'm sure some people got a big ol' laugh yesterday. (Don't worry. Everyone in our car did.)

The presentation went very well, and that's all you can ask for in this business.

I started a very fun slip-stitched Noro scarf. I'll post an in-progress picture at some point! Today, I am sort of walking around the house like a zombie.

Men and women listen to the radio differently. Men can also follow basketball games on the radio. It puts me in a trance. Psychotic trance, in fact. Might still be in it today.

Popcorn, slim jims, Coors Light & pretzels? Does not a dinner make. I exclaimed at one point we needed a bigger expense account. Or was that complained? It's all a blur.

I discovered nobody in the car has a secret fear of being wrongfully imprisoned, except for me. However, for the first time, I found someone else who shares my fear that when around a police officer, I worry I will have a complete mental break & try to get their gun. I'm not alone! But now it's "Crazy, party of two." Good thing he's my boss, hm?

Happy Friday. I expect I'll wake up at some point. :)
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