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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Such A Poser

I haven't participated in a March Madness pick-em-bracket thingy since I don't know when. I think it was only once, in Minneapolis, where I decided to pick teams based on how their mascots would fare in a cage fight. Like, a panther could TOTALLY take a buckeye in a skirmish. A buckeye's a flippin' nut!

So, not surprisingly, that governing principle didn't work really well. Instead, this time, I looked at who's been winning more games. And what sounded familiar. Florida? Florida! I have family there. Florida will beat those Buckeyes. Having nothing vested in any team makes it a little easier, too. As in, I DON'T REALLY CARE.

Mmm-hmm! I will enjoy spending all my winnings, laugh all you like!!!!
posted by PlazaJen, 10:26 AM