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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Somebody Needs A Vacation

I think I'm starting to experience a titch of the ol' burn-out. I still really, really like my job, the people I work with, my boss is awesome, there's still insanity and irritations, but again, it is called "work". However, I have only taken 4 vacation days in the past year. Granted, I've had summer hours - every-other Friday afternoon off in summer months, and some holidays, and 6 personal days (also used as sick days), but in terms of some true rest & relaxation, for a stretch of days, it just hasn't been there. Part of it's just been the nature of coming in to a new job, and the uphill climb its been, putting new processes together, handling a large load of work, etc. - and part of it is my own control-freak insanity: if I'm out of the office, they might just decide they won't need me anymore. WONKERS!

Now, my anniversary date is approaching at work, and I'm faced with a surplus of time, and too many commitments to be able to use my days off. As in, a new business pitch, so there's not really a way around it. I'm glad my boss is reasonable & understands, and will (waiting for confirmation, but) allow the days to roll over; my take on that is it's not exactly an option - unless you're willing to pay me for the unused days as compensation. Not taking vacation time, in my opinion, is like paying the company out of your pocket. After all, I don't work for the sheer thrill & joy of it - even with bags of candy as a perk.

Confidential to Bekah: Yup. The peanut M&Ms are open. Mmmmmmm.
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