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Monday, March 06, 2006

Socks! And Charms!

I finished my Socks That Rock in Queen Rock colorway; I made them on 1's with a yarn over cable, very soft, very cute.

Then, I cast on for MORE socks. This time with yarn I hand-dyed last fall - and this time, WITH BEADS. Woot! I'm nuts. I strung 240 beads on each end of the skein (with a wooden beadspinner I got on eBay) and am making a faux beaded cable anklet sock. I'm only on the third row, but hey, the camera was on:

On Saturday, my friend Beth & I took a class at Urban Arts & Crafts down in the River Market, where we learned how to make our own soldered charms. The class was great, and the afternoon flew by. Beth was such a sweetheart, she printed out a couple photos for me to use, because I wasn't overly prepared (story of my life)(I was on the waiting list until Thursday) and that resulted in the cutest charm - which then became my first finished project.

Burf! Burf!

I put silver beads spelling out "Burf" on each side; then, on the other side of the charm is, of course, Miss Suzy:

Suzy on the Flip Side

The rest of the charms, and on the backs of all the letters, I have tiny-patterned, colorful origami paper. You could put pictures, fabric, a poem, whatever. Great presents, and I want to make some more for exactly that purpose. The rings below are for attaching small dangles of beads, as you can see on the "K".

Letter Charms

And, because a finished sock post is going to start containing foot conversations, I give you one last picture of the Socks That Rock:

My feet have a lot to say, people. Especially in hand knit socks.
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