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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the 63rd Street Patriots gather at 63rd Street & Ward Parkway, and they protest the war in Iraq. The war. We forget we're at war, don't we? We hustle & bustle and cook dinner and watch TV and unless we have someone over there, we forget. Our lives become chaotic and homogenized simultaneously, as we grow distracted. Meanwhile, people die. We forget what we're fighting for - and the price tag just keeps climbing.

Rain, snow, blazing heat - every Tuesday, they are there.

Every Tuesday, I am reminded that we have men & women in uniform, putting their lives on the line because their country told them to go, and that's what they committed themselves to do. Regardless of if you agree with why they're there - human beings are in a fighting, deadly siutation, so far removed from our daily life.

Every Tuesday, I see the sign with the number who have died.

Every Tuesday, I honk my horn for peace.

Every Tuesday, I realize how lucky I am.
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